We all have questions! Questions don’t make us weak. Questioning God isn’t a sin. If handled correctly, questions strengthen our mind, our character, our performance—and even our faith—as we pursue answers based on Truth.

Maybe you have a specific question, or maybe a friend has asked you a question that you can’t answer. Join us Sundays this Spring as we respond to questions during our new Asking for a Friend message series. Come to satisfy your curiosity and gain confidence, and to have your questions answered!

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Ask us your questions by sending an email to info@freedom.life or texting ASKNOW to 97000. Some of the most common questions will be addressed on Sunday mornings and from the Freedom Life social media accounts.

In the meantime, check out these videos from Pastor Sam answer questions that he’s been asked over the past 20 years.

“The God Questions” and “The Bible Questions” are two excellent books that contain practical and rooted answers about Christianity.

Other helpful website reference tools to help answer some of life’s biggest questions include:

If you recall your childhood years in school you'll remember that as you got older, the questions got harder. That's true for Christians as well. So for the next two weeks we invite you to join us as we complete the Hard Questions devotional written by Pastor Rick Warren. You can access it via the Bible app from YouVersion. It's a brief 14-day devotional that addresses some of life's hardest questions. Subscribe for free today!