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Elect to earn one of four different degrees (more info here), and commit to a Leadership Practicum Focus. Qualified coaches will mentor and train participants within a specific focus, and students will gain significant hands-on experiences by serving in a ministry area for 8 hours every week.

Two tracks are offered to help eliminate barriers and offer flexibility to allow more individuals to attain an outstanding education. Select from the traditional track or the non-traditional track.



Our Traditional Track requires students to be present on-site at the Freedom Life Noble Road Location Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays. (Times vary according to assignments, projects and events.) This schedule allows students to have the flexibility to pursue employment opportunities, while having the time for academic courses and community with their peers. Weekdays are strategically structured with elements that will expand realms of knowledge, teamwork and leadership.

Non-Traditional TRACK

If the Traditional Track is not an option due to family or employment obligations, that’s okay! The SEU at Freedom Life Non-Traditional Track is an excellent fit to accommodate your lifestyle while pursuing higher education.

Students will achieve the same degree as the Traditional Track students, but with more independence. Practicum will be completed throughout the week by way of direct leader interaction, regularly scheduled discussion groups, weekend services and special events.