Sharing your faith doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s as simple as sharing your story. When we tell someone what Jesus has done, we’re joining a conversation God has already started. We don’t have to worry about getting it right or getting it wrong. We simply have to testify.

We invite you to our Sunday services this September to become equipped and confident in sharing your story!


  1. Subscribe to the “How to Share Your Faith” online devotional.

  2. Record a 60-second (or less) video testimony that tells about your life before Christ, includes a description of when you surrendered to Him, and how your life has changed since. Then, post it to social media! Help us find it by using these hashtags:

    • #FoundPeopleFindPeople
    • #fpfp

  3. Stop by our video booth on Sundays in September and share your testimony on camera.

  4. Pray and ask God for divine appointments + courage to share your faith.

  5. Tell someone about your life as a Christ-follower! (Then text TESTIFY to 97000 to let us know about it!)