Divorce Care

Separation and divorce are confusing times when individuals often feel isolated and face questions never considered before. Divorce Care brings people together so they don't feel alone when facing the stress and pain associated with the end of a marriage, and it builds individuals up as they learn practical tips for moving forward.

Find acceptance and comfort at Divorce Care, and meet others who understand your feelings during this transitional time. Join us Tuesday, April 18th to watch interesting videos that feature expert interviews and real-life scenarios from individuals who have been through divorce. Then participate in discussion that will encourage recovery in a safe, caring and confidential environment.

Move from adversity to healing.

Dr. Stephen Naylor of Oxford will lead Divorce Care at Freedom Life. He is a family physician who is divorced and shares joint custody of his two children. He serves as an FL Dream Team Member and he is looking forward to helping individuals realize that God is good and He generously supplies gentleness, grace, love and mercy for each of us every day.