We are challenging all of the men at Freedom Life to join in a Fight Club small group for 8 weeks, beginning in February. On a weekly basis we will watch a short video and discuss five questions (provided below).

As men, we are called to lead not only ourselves, but in our homes as well. This is no easy task to do on our own, we need the help and support of other men to help keep us fighting for what matters most. Join us as we work together to be the men that God has called us to be.


What are you going to do over this next week to grow in your relationship with God?

How have you expressed your appreciate to those closest to you this week?

What steps have you taken to be a healthier version of you this week?

What seeds have you sown this week, as an investment for your future harvest?


Author and pastor Craig Groeschel helps men uncover who they really are—a powerful man with a warrior heart. This 11-day plan examines the life of Samson—a strong man with glaring weaknesses. Fight to become who God made you to be. Don’t just fight like a man. Fight like a man of God.