Building a Future of Hope for the Next Generation

The Freedom Life Foundation advances God's Kingdom according to the Word of God in Matthew 16:18 that says, “… I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” We sharply focus on strengthening and expanding the impact of our campuses, and we passionately support missions programs that are reaching people for Jesus.

Strong churches build strong people and families that build strong communities. This year we will continue to strengthen our existing campuses as well as sow into the following local church plants:

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  • Rise City Church with Pastors Ronnie & Jen Daugherty
  • Liberty Church with Pastors Lon & Dawn Williams
  • Passion Church with Pastors Brian & Paula Royer
  • Association of Related Churches (ARC) - An organization that provides guidance, support and resources to new life-giving churches

As part of our local church initiatives, we also provide community care and support to local organizations, such as the Parkesburg Point and the One18 Movement.

We make a difference around the world by supporting missionaries in Honduras, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, and Africa, in addition to supporting the A21 Campaign which fights human trafficking in the US and around the globe.

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The Freedom Life Foundation is also about laying a foundation for future generations within our church. We have currently secured land along Route 41, and we are making preparations to fully purchase the property and take steps to build a new facility for the expansion of our Christiana Campus and Central Offices. 

The Decade of Destiny is our 10-year plan for stretching our faith and pursuing the calling God has placed on our lives and our church. Our theme for Year 7 is ACCELERATE. In 2018 we are believing that God is going to move us forward, faster, as we put Him first in our lives. 


  • 500 People Make Decisions to Follow Jesus
  • 1,300 People Attend Freedom Life Regularly
  • Secure Land for Future Christiana Campus
  • Increase FL Ministry School Enrollment to 50+
  • Assist in Planting 10 Churches Locally & Globally
  • Raise $500,000 through the Freedom Life Foundation
  • Grow our Serving Teams by Adding 100 New Dream Team Members
  • Expand our Small Group & Discipleship Strategies by Offering 50+ Groups & Opportunities
  • Expand Community Care Outreach Initiatives


FL Foundation Partners are a community of generous people who commit to tithe regularly, contribute to the church vision through the FL Foundation, and attend Partner Events.

  • ARMY OF GIVERS commit to give at least $25 per month, or $300-$2,499 each year.
  • KINGDOM BUILDERS contribute at least $2500 each year as financial leaders in God's House.
  • LEGACY GIVERS sow more than $7500 in the House each year, and give from a position of strength.

Contact us today to learn how you can be part of strategically funding the generations and advancing the Kingdom of God!

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