Contrary to what some may believe, an encounter with Jesus is not an end-all for the hurts, habits and hang-ups we’ve collected during our dark times. Jesus offers hope and healing for everyone, though we need to learn His Biblical truths and apply them to our lives so that we can overcome negative thoughts and behaviors.

Be part of the Restoration Group meeting weekly beginning on Tuesday, April 18th. Regardless of your struggles—small or large; current or former; physical or mental—we will equip and enable you to move forward in your God-given destiny while experiencing the freedom and life only God can offer.

 You have nothing to lose! Yet there is faith, friendship, confidence and strength to gain.

Chuck Chettle was a member of the Restoration Group before becoming the leader. He is passionate about helping individuals attain freedom from their past as he has experienced. He is married to Georgia, and he is a proud father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Originally from Virginia,  Chuck now resides in Jennersville and serves on the Media Team at Freedom Life.