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Consider how your life has been touched and changed by Freedom Life. In this season of giving would you pray and consider how you can participate in the Year-End Christmas Offering so that more people can experience the freedom and life only God can offer? 

The reality is that ministry requires money. This year we set a goal to raise $500,000 for the Freedom Life Foundation. This money allows us to invest in local and global missions as well as build a future of hope for the next generation through our campuses. At the beginning of December more than $200,000 is still needed to meet our goal.

If every person gives $216, or if every family gives $450, we will exceed our goal and experience a new level of abundance! Exercise BIG faith! God wants to give through you to grow his church! Every gift of any amount is greatly appreciated!

Please take a few minutes to watch these personal stories from Brian and John & Edna, about how their lives have changed since attending Freedom Life.

These are just two of many stories of how God is moving through our campuses and into the hearts and lives of the people in our communities! Every number below represent a person who has taken a step toward Jesus in 2017. We celebrate:
    • Salvations - 416
    • Baptisms - 71
    • Visitors - 428
    • New Church Partners - 79
    • Largest Attendance - 1849 (Easter Sunday)
    • Ministry School Graduates - 28

Whether it's weekly services, outreach, missions trips, small groups, or Next Gen ministry, the local church is the hope of the world! It is our honor and privilege to be part of what God is doing to reach the lost, restore the weary, encourage the faithful, and bring people closer to himself. 

Thank you for giving to the Freedom Life Foundation so that more people can experience the freedom and life only God can offer!